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Always the best and reliable choice

PTMKO will continue to strive to be reliable, durable and innovative to provide a wide range of quality products at competitive prices. In addition, we will also continue to provide total solutions for partners in the retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, services and hospitality industries in automating business processes effectively and efficiently with integrated services to create satisfaction for each partner.

MKO is Indonesia's largest supplier who provide high technology Cashier Machines, Cashier Software, and Parts. Our products include barcode scanners, stock software, cashier printers, barcode printers, and point of sale equipment.

At MKO we are committed to deploying our extensive knowledge and experienced consultants to serve you - we are ready to assess your needs, and define a comprehensive cost-effective solution for you and your business.
PTMKO is recognized as :


Barcode printers that are always ready to help you print price tags, shipping labels, stock labels, cup labels, asset management, etc

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A barcode scanner that always supports your every job to make it faster and more efficient in reading 1D or 2D barcode codes

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A reliable receipt printer for every transaction you make. And can overcome long queues in your store

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All in One POS that makes your business more modern and provides an extraordinary experience to every customer. Faster and more reliable

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Always Reliable

Being the right choice and solution for every business by providing maximum service to every customer with the best prices, the best products, and very satisfying after-sales service.


Providing a full 2-year spare parts warranty guarantee to every user of our product


Guaranteeing fast service satisfaction and a lifetime guarantee to every customer who uses our products


The fast changing business facade in this digital era has prompted businesses to stay ahead and become more efficient by streamlining their business processes. Our visibility solutions consist of integrated process from applications to products in addressing complex application and systems integration across diverse environments.

Producing at a low cost without compromising qualities. The Manufacturing solutions offer companies in the industry several methods to minimize cost, maximize output and process productions driven by Total quality Management to achieve lean / agile manufacturing.

Companies now have the option to utilize end-to-end solutions from Supply Chain Management, Field Communications, Managing Inventories for Production right through Facilities Management.

Enterprises now have the option to tap on the right solutions to sustain productivity and deliver shipments on a timely basis. These end-to-end solutions as a part of the Supply Chain Management allow companies to control the flow and storage of goods, services and related information seamlessly to bring shipments from the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers' requirements.

Through the available solutions provided, the complexity of logistics can be optimized by our recommended softwares and product supports.

Technology with the right solutions will enhance business growths. The Hospitality Solution focuses in providing businesses the right methods to reach out to customers. With the rapid evolutions of the Digital technology, Hospitality Solution aims to identify guests' preference, allocate costs effectively and increase efficiency to present a personalized and memorable service level experience.

Staying competitive in the digital era. The key success factors within the Retail industries are now about listening and understanding customers' behaviours to make the right decisions.

Retail Solutions offer businesses in the industry the means to strengthen customer's relationship through effective Supply Chain Management comprises of Merchandising and Warehouse Management, Point of Sale system, Payment Gateway and Loyalty Management, which aim to attract more customers and drive sales positively.

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